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Young Businesswomen

Let's make Equity and Retention your new normal

We help innovative organizations create safe, supportive, and growth-oriented environments that reduce staff burnout, increase team accountability, and build trust and transparency across operations that last. 

Let's be honest :


Things are different now. And what might have worked in the past to get your team on the same page, just isn't working anymore. You want to be thoughtful in your approach to these new dynamics, but how do you navigate all the nuances that come with leading your team through this climate of change in a way that inspires them to action? 

Here's the truth:Your staff wants to show up for you, but not before you've shown up for them. The good news is that, as a leader, you have the power to help enable an environment where employees feel seen, heard, and inspired to fulfill the mission they set out to do. The result is a more synergistic, aligned, and loyal team that's constantly improving on their own. 

But this kind of transformation doesn't happen by itself. It takes strategic, aligned and equity-focused collaboration to make it last. 

That's where we come in. 

How We Work with Our Clients

Our Services

 Diversity, Equity
+ Inclusion


We help you harness the power of your team’s diversity to create an inclusive workspace where employees can thrive.

Mental Health
+ Wellness

We scrutinize your team’s performance through a wellness lens that puts your team’s mental health and wellness at the center.

+ Transformation

We help you leverage your power as a coconspirator for positive change to create buy-in that transforms how you work.

 We help you create the psychological safety you and your team need to perform at your best. 

Discover the power of

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Walk Into a Journey of Healing & Wellness

How Do We Define Psychological Safety

Credit: Dr. Timothy Clark, author of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation

Stage 1 – Inclusion Safety: Inclusion safety satisfies the basic human need to connect and belong. In this stage, you feel safe to be yourself and are accepted for who you are, including your unique attributes and defining characteristics.

Inclusion Safety

Stage 3 – Contributor Safety: Contributor safety satisfies the need to make a difference. You feel safe to use your skills and abilities to make a meaningful contribution.

Contributor Safety

Stage 2 – Learner Safety: Learner safety satisfies the need to learn and grow. In this stage, you feel safe to exchange in the learning process, by asking questions, giving and receiving feedback, experimenting, and making mistakes.

Learner Safety

Stage 4 – Challenger Safety: Challenger safety satisfies the need to make things better. You feel safe to speak up and challenge the status quo when you think there’s an opportunity to change or improve.

Challenger Safety


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Let's Collaborate

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