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Latinx in Social Work is a book is about space. The space we take up, the spaces we create and nurture, and the spaces that have yet to exist, but are so crucial to the growth and development of Latinx social workers, mental health practitioners, executives, and professionals in all industries in this country, and beyond.



LatinX in Social Work

Stories that heal, inspire and connect communities

This book is a revolutionary step in creating a movement that is committed to owning our own narratives, naming common but unspoken struggles and challenges, and driving our own healing from the past while highlighting our successes and creating a space for hope for the future.The impediments to Latinx success, both personal and professional are myriad; we know the familiar litany of barriers that our people face. These barriers include costs (monetary and opportunity costs), insufficient academic preparation or access to information regarding higher education, and the generalized discrimination that people of color continue to endure.

Stepping into our greatness with the full richness of our cultures and heritage in spaces not designed or meant for us is a truly courageous decision. It is a decision often taken at great personal and professional risk, and one which can cause great unease about our security and our future. Advocating for yourself or your clients, requesting that raise, positioning yourself as a leader for a promotion, embarking on a new business, starting a family--- these can all seem like harrowing challenges with unknown results. Often, we believe we are unprepared to undertake them; doubt of our abilities, and anxiety about overstepping our bounds prevent us from taking the plunge.

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