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Trust Yourself To Know When You’re Not Feeling Like Yourself
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You didn’t just take a job. You chose a career that’s an extension of who you are. 


So, when external stressors threaten your mental and emotional wellbeing, the negative impacts on your work and life can override any good you intended to do/make when you signed up/enrolled. If only you could trust that your perspective and experience would be respected, then you could let your guard down. Then you wouldn’t feel so anxious every time you opened your laptop for work and could finally throw away the sleeping aids to get a good night’s rest. 


Whether you’re dealing with purely work-based issues or you’re dealing with personal challenges of life, our team’s diverse background and expertise ensure that you can get the help you need to be the best version of yourself in any situation.

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Meet our Team of Licensed Professionals

Erica Sandoval, LCSW, SIFI
Founder and CEO

Erica Sandoval is a passionate, versatile, strategic thinker, with an analytical mind and has experience in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), non-profit leadership, and community engagement. As a licensed clinical therapist, I utilize my skills to support business development and cultivate relationships while recognizing and celebrating differences. I include storytelling with data-driven insights to engage, educate, and connect with people. 

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Claudia Marchetti, LMSW, PhD
Licensed Therapist 

Claudia Marchetti is a psychotherapist and New York-licensed social worker who specializes in helping people with personal identity and relationship issues. She takes a nonjudgmental, accepting, warm, and collaborative approach to help you and your partner navigate life transitions, nurture your relationship, and grow both personally and as a couple.

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Olga A. Preciado, LMSW
Strategic Relationship Manager

Olga’s passion for social justice and education started when she joined AmeriCorps as an Education Specialist and then became a teacher in Oakland, CA, working with a predominantly Spanish-speaking immigrant community. Olga obtained a master’s in social work from NYU-Silver School of Social Work. Before this, Olga was the coordinator for the Latino Social Work Coalition in New York City, advocating to increase the number of linguistically and culturally sensitive social workers to better serve the Latinx community, and feels proud to be one of them.  


Olga is a bilingual/ bicultural Mexican woman that takes her identity very seriously in her work.  She operates through a social justice lens and leads through culture. She believes in the healing power of community and relationship building. 

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Monika C. Estrada Guzman BSW, LMSW, SIFI 
Licensed Therapist

Monika C. Estrada Guzman, BSW, LMSW (she/her/ella) is the Founding Program Director of Nido de Esperanza in Washington Heights/Inwood, a faith-based early childhood intervention program for families with infants and toddlers ages zero to three. Monika works with mothers to effectively address the challenges that they as recent immigrants face in the U.S. Her work with clients is grounded in a two-generation approach, empowerment model to foster self-efficacy, and resiliency among participants to better cope with stressors related to their immigration status and with motherhood. Nido de Esperanza grew out of Monika’s own childhood immigration experience and how her family benefited from the safe space's community members created.


Monika received her bachelor’s in social work from California State University Los Angeles and her master’s in social work from the NYU Silver School of Social Work. Monika’s work and excellence has been recognized with the New York University Silver School of Social Work Outstanding Student Program Award, National Association of Social Workers NYC Chapter Alex Rosen Award and Aquamarine Award, and the Latino Social Work Coalition Leadership Award.

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Erin Mills, LMSW
Licensed Therapist

 Erin is a psychotherapist who works with adults and older adolescents in individual therapy. She works from a humanistic and relational psychoanalytic perspective, but believes in tailoring therapy to fit the individual. Her style is collaborative, warm, interactive and inquisitive - she works to create a space where you can try new things and explore your experiences with openness and curiosity, with a goal of feeling better and experiencing greater connection and meaning in life.


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