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1 session per Chakra - 7 Sessions Pack

  • 40 minutes
  • 699 US dollars

Offering Description

Everything is vibration. The chakras are energetic wheels within our subtle self that are associated with the elements, thought patterns, emotions, body parts and organs. Andrea will share the power of Aum mantra, bija (seed) mantras and affirmations to activate the chakras and the swaras, the musical notes, to fine tune them. We will first utilize the power of silent concentration with the breath to locate the chakras within the body. Once connected to the chakras, we will use the singing bowls to start raising the vibration along with the repetition of the bija mantras and their affirmations. Harmonization will then be practiced with the angelic musical notes attached to each chakra. Each session is 1-on-1. Sessions will be tailored to your overall attunement needs. Sessions can be for an overall chakras tune-up or you can book a session for one or each chakra for deeper connection and cleanse. Sessions can be requested to focus on one chakra specifically related to the physical, thought or emotional healing needed or to increase the positive energy already present. This can be assessed and arranged prior to or at the session. Sessions focused on one chakra will include activation of the other chakras for support, the practice of the mudra (energetic hand gesture) associated with the chakra of focus and prana mudra, the vital energy gesture, to further energize the practice.

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