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Cacao Energy Meditation 1-on-1


  • 1 h
  • From 110 US dollars

Offering Description

Cacao is an ancient medicine used by Indigenous people to open the human heart to the cosmic heart to experience the essence of unconditional love. Andrea is initiated and studies under the Mayan Elder Nana Marina Cruz to facilitate Cacao Circles connected with the Mayan Lunar Energetic Calendar. Each day is connected with a specific energy related to the emotions and thoughts where cacao can assist in bringing these to equilibrium and increase their positive aspects. Andrea will guide you with a warm cup of cacao and meditation intertwined with the energy and spirit of the day, music, open listening and discussion to balance, release and elevate into your own higher vibration. For each session, bring an intention to heal and fill your heart from the essence of your true Self. You are encouraged to bring flowers to contribute to your personal altar that will be created in each session. If you have sacred items (crystals, spiritual statues, candles, smudging plants, etc.) that you would like to have charged you can bring these to your sessions and they will be integrated into the altar. *1-on-1 session 60 Mins

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