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Our Expertise

We believe that organizations thrive when diverse experiences are valued, respected, and included.


That's why our services are designed to help organizations establish environments where members feel so seen and safe that they are inspired to drive advancement from the inside out.



We Get It!

If meeting your team’s diverse needs in order to create a productive environment feels hard it’s because it is hard. In addition to the usual challenges that come with running an organization, leaders must now also navigate through the co-occurring crises of:

  • Climate change

  • Global pandemic

  • Widening wealth gap

  • Demands for racial justice

  • Growing mental health challenges

  • Repercussions of sexual misconduct

One thing is for certain: this is not business as usual. 


The “new normal” is a working environment that prioritizes the mental and emotional well-being of its members so they can thrive.

And as employees are shifting and weighing their options, innovative organizations must shift too.

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Let Us Help 

The good news: we are experts in helping you navigate the nuanced terrain that comes with the diverse perspectives, needs, and expectations of your number one resource - your people. 

We do this by offering a suite of services that are collaborative and rooted in diversity, equity, inclusion, and mental wellness to help you create a safe and inclusive space that draws your people in.

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We also offer Keynote Speaking Services on the following topics:
  • Building workforce retention through Equity

  • Key principles to navigating DEI and Mental Health

  • Reversing the damage of Microaggressions

  • Training Workshops

  • Restorative Circles

  • Facilitation/Moderation

  • Executive Coaching

We provide several options to help you build your team's wellness:
The kind of Results you can expect: 
Increased productivity and ROI
A healthy and happy work environment
Decreased staff turnover and brain drain
Attract high-quality talent that’s loyal



Engaging you and your healthcare team in various areas of the healthcare system is one of our specialties. We work with Department Leaders and Human Resource Managers to provide your team with innovative solutions.

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Social Work 

We work with clinicians, as well as organizational leaders and administrators to ensure your organization is aligned with social work values. Those values include service, social justice, importance of human relationships and integrity. Our work is aligned with social work values with the commitment of working through systemic barriers with a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) lens. 

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Private Corporations

Our work with private corporations includes:

  • Full - Day workshops

  • Full - Day training

  • Programmatic training for 3-6 months. Programs include several interactive workshops and training engagement with Erica. 

  • Guest speaking and panel moderation

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Education + Academia

Working with high school students to future leaders earning their doctorate degrees. Sandoval Colab provides workshops, trainings, and restorative healing circles that focus on leadership development that is inclusive and informs thought-leaders of the future.  

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One-on-one coaching and strategic sessions that support accountability in creating or supporting your existing business. We will take a deep dive into your purpose, values and create an authentic path. From taking those first steps to establishing a timeline to develop a plan for growth and success.

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Case Study:

NYU  Silver School of Social Work

Led discussions on social justice and how they can interject antiracist and anti-oppressive practices into their work and beyond. Facilitating “BOLD Conversations with Silver Alumni” based on the series launched by NASW NYC Chapter, addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Let's Collaborate

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